Monday blues

It always hits me on Sunday nights…

Today’s Monday was especially bad for me. Half the time I sat at the office chair with work staring back at me, blinking and wondering, ‘Why am I doing this, again?”

I’m guessing the miserable feeling came from 1. I was playing along to ‘It’s time’ this morning, so much so I wanted to continue to sing and play the guitar and not leave for work, 2. on the way to work I was thinking about a personal project I’m about to embark on, which got me all hyped and excited.

Then I got to work and you know, shit happens.

Oh, life.

Half way through the work day, while trying to get my mind off paperwork, conflicts, and egos, I started thinking about the almost expired buttermilk in the fridge. And blueberries I bought on sale the other day. Mmmm.

Then I wanted to bake. And so I did when I got home. With my new bundt pan I had bought months ago that still has the price tag and label attached to it…

blueberry buttermilk bundt

…Because I have to sleep now, I shall leave you with the picture of this lemon blueberry buttermilk bundt. Recipe will be up soon! :P

Have a good week everyone, hope your Monday isn’t blue at all, and your week is as bright and cheery as cake!


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