Weekend of Pineapple Tarts

My factoryof pineapple tarts  has started its production this weekend. I’m half way through, two more days of baking and I should be done!

balls and balls of pineapple jam!


Wrapped to chill

Eggs, so many...

Glazed and ready for the oven

The finish product!

The finished tarts

I have about 300g of egg whites now (or maybe more!), I could probably do a series of ‘What to do with leftover egg whites?’ Off the bat I can think of angel food cakes, financiers, white cakes, and daiquoise. Then there’s meringue and marcarons, but I’m not huge fans of those :p David has a helpful post on recipes to use leftover egg whites in the meantime for you curious people…

The whole baking process has been strangely therapeutic. It’s been a long week at work – it was busy yet fun, because I was photo documenting some events. To have this weekend to just simply bake is such a treat. It’s always nice to unwind, get ‘in the zone’ and do your thing as time slips by. Even though it’s ‘work’, at the end I always seem to be more refreshed and have more energy to take on more!

WIP pineapple tarts


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