Lunar New Year, Valentine’s, Drama and Memories

What a week! It started off with the Chinese Lunar New Year family gatherings, which like any family gatherings, I love :) My aim for this year was to take more photographs.  These gatherings are let us get together and bond over a good meal, catch up on how each other’s doing over the months. But photos – they capture these wonderful experiences. I realised how important these are, because the ‘adults’ (my parents, uncles and aunts) and the other elders aren’t getting younger. It’s a little warped, but sometimes I think about how life is so short, I can’t help but feel the need to capture these memories.

P2100166 Gathering at my Aunt’s place

More memories over @ Flickr!

When I returned to work, there was yet more drama – some people wonder why I don’t watch television dramas, I tell them I’m surrounded by enough real life drama, fake dramas on screen don’t cut it for me anymore :p  Gimme comedy and action any day!

My colleague has gotten the union involved this time. As of now, it’s all managed discretly but tensions are high. I’ve been through this more than I liked over the past few years here, and I remain on neutral ground all the time, but that doesn’t mean my work doesn’t get affected. Because you know, same department, which means people need to work together and interact with each other. When people stop communicating and can’t see eye to eye, and you’re the one sandwiched between them, it gets frustrating. It’s like back in school when you have an overly emotional friend, and you have to tip toe around them because sometimes even an innocent comment makes them upset. I have enough work to go through everyday, I don’t need to spend extra energy carefully picking what I can and cannot say to people just because of their wars.

I don’t understand why people can’t just talk to each other sometimes. Or why people like to over analyze other people’s action and assume things that might not even be true. Ugh. Or maybe I do. Ego and pride much?

Life’s too short for all that.

I got a phone call from my mum just yesterday while at work – my godmother passed away. I knew that she has been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer (which relapsed three times), but the last time we passed her in the car, she still looked healthy. So I was shocked, and felt upset and regret, because the last time I really spoke to her was last year at my god brother’s death anniversary. We had planned to visit her for Chinese New Year this year, but had to change our plans, so my mum said she’ll ask my godparents out for a lunch instead….. And now we can’t have that. When I saw my godfather at the funeral just now, it really broke my heart when I hugged him.

If it’s one thing that I took away from this week, don’t wait to spend time or show that you love them with people you close to your heart. We don’t need Valentine’s day for that, we have 365 days in a year. While at it, capture the memories! :)

all ready to go!


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