I finally got down to learning how to make bread :D Signed up for a course at Creative Culinaire with my friend Karen. We each went home with about 9 – 12 pieces of delicious bread each! When I woke up the next morning, more than half of it was gone… haha.

Bread class @ creative culinaire - Ham and cheese rolls ❤

Ham and cheese, with mayo, chili and mixed vegetables

Almond sugar knots ❤

Almond sugar twists

Red bean pandan buns :)

Pandan red bean buns

I don’t often bake breads, so this class has been really helpful in understanding the scientific and technical aspects of bread making, and also learning the visual and tactile cues while making the dough.

We have 3 more lessons to go. It got me thinking on signing up for some other classes, because I love understanding how baking works. I’m not a visual reading kind of learner :p, so classes really help.


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