Putting work on hiatus!

I’ve always wanted a work hiatus, and I’m happy to say it is happening from 19 July . The 2 months last year in Canada didn’t count, not when I knew I was going back to work again!

It was a hard decision because… I’m going to miss my colleagues. It took me 3 weeks after the first resignation talk with my boss, to say yes this is my final decision. I kept thinking, if I stayed, now that things have calmed down, I could help make improvements and start streamlining processes.

But I remembered so clearly after the final talk with my boss, my heart sank and I chided myself for being so indecisive, and for giving my boss false hope I would stay. That was when I knew, yep, it’s time. It’s time to give this to someone else with more energy and drive, because I know my heart isn’t in it anymore.

I’m now training my colleague’s replacement and mine. I truly believe things will get better after everything that happened, and sometimes I still wish I decided to stay till end of the year to see the improvements.

I’m having partial graduation goggles again, but this time I’m glad to finally take that step forward :)

There’s anxiety too, what if… I can’t find another job? What do I tell employers if they see an employment gap in my next job? What if my savings run dry faster than expected? What if what if, what if. Life’s always scarier when we don’t know what to expect. Unconsciously I seek security and the comfort zone; I open the email specially for finding jobs, I browse job search sites, I look at organisations’ career pages :p I might find a part-time to get some income and kill boredom, but unless a great job opportunity comes knocking on my door, I’ll take my break from anything full time for a few months.

I’m more excited than anxious though.  Before I quit I wrote down a list of things I want to do, which of course includes baking, photography and music… and now I’ll have the time!

It also dawned on me there are more paths I can explore, more opportunities out there. I also feel very blessed because there are people offering references and alerting me to openings :)

The countdown begins!


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