Having a coffee break…

Piccolo from Single Origins Espresso :)

…and am enjoying every moment sleeping and waking at times I want, not rushing for deadlines, and having the time to bake, take photos, and meet with friends ;)

I’ve some backlog posts that I’ll update once I’m back from Seoul on the 13 August (e.g. my Sydney and Melbourne trips, plus some cafe visits, and more baking recipes!)

In the meantime I’m slowly plotting the next steps of my baking and career. I love my ‘coffee break’ and time to scheme.

Miaow and Squeak

On a side note, I’ve started a small project with my friend Mandy over at Miaow and Squeak, where we feature accessories, stationary, and random finds from crafters and artists.  Mandy is also selling some of her items, such as lego and button rings.

Lego accessories :DMiaow and Squeak will be at the LASALLE Arts Market tomorrow and Tuesday, so I’ll be done to help out. A little strange going back to College haha… but it’s gonna be exciting! ;)


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