Seoul – August 2013 (Seoul’s Summer feels like a Suana)

Back from a very humid Seoul. Before I left, I naivety thought –  Seoul’s summers can’t be as bad as tropical Singapore. I was proven wrong. It’s not hot there, it’s horribly humid. Walk outside for a minute and you’ll be perspiring, something I don’t experience in Singapore!

Here’s Rand enjoying the aircon draft. It became our mission to find the aircon draft everytime we entered the subway :p

Overall, I enjoyed myself :) I left out visits to the Palaces and Suwon Haeseong Fortress because of the weather. I’m saving them for in a cool season like Spring or Autumn. Hah!

I thoroughly enjoyed the food, as when I visited Korea about 6 years back. The meat barbecues and spicy rice cakes always have a special place in my heart.

Hwanggeumjeong– A little on the pricy side, but their barbecued meats and service are worth it :D

Charcoal barbecued meat at Yetman Seoul Bulgogi :) It was 300g beef for 15,000won, so worth every cent!

Bibimbap, with raw beef. This is the first time I had bibimbap with raw beef. It’s like beef tartare. Too good! This and the pancake below is from a shop at Gwangjang market;  me and my trusty Korean translator (my good friend Glen) can’t figure out the Korea shop name at the moment oops.

Pajun a.k.a the korean pancake

The popular ginseng chicken from Baekje Samgyetang in Myeong-dong.

Of course I love their street snacks too!

Chicken Skewers with Soy Sauce at Samcheong dong. Deliciously good.

Gaeran Bbang a.k.a egg cake. Sweet and slight savoury. Interesting combination.

No you’re not seeing wrong. It’s a street snack shaped like poop. Hahaha. Filled with red bean and walnuts. I like this cause I’m a huge fan of red bean :p

Hotteok, a light crispy pastry with brown sugar and cinnamon

My bro and potato tornado! Sweet salty fried potatos slices <3

Of course the highlights isn’t only the food, but the exploring of different places (mostly shopping, oops). Going on a trip with 9 other people can difficult because of different expectations and interests, but we had it figured out in the end.

Insa-dong… a place with Art and Crafts :) There’s a popular area in Insa-dong called Ssamziegil. If you love handicraft items, this is a place to visit!

Samcheong-dong. It’s a mix of Korea’s traditional Hanok style buildings, and red brick houses. It’s littered with art galleries, cozy cafes (like this cat themed cafe we visited!), and small shops selling clothes and bags.

Hongdae, near Hongik university. If you love shopping, head here. You’ll be able to get cheap clothings, though you might have to navigate your way through the crowds on weekends!

Another shopping area right outside Ewha Women’s University. The university itself is beautiful, go snap some photos inside then head out for some shopping ;)

We also stopped by the cat cafe in Myeong-dong. If you’re a cat lover like some of us, this place is worth a visit. The entrance fee is 8,000 won, you get a free drink and as much time as you want to play with the cats ;)



We also watched Cookin’ NANTA on our last day. If you have the time, go catch it! We were all laughing like crazy during the show ;)


5 days in Seoul is definitely not enough, unless you’re just in for shopping and eating. Otherwise I felt that I needed more time to visit their other historical attractions, and maybe take a day trip out. I’m saving it for the next round!

Oh on a side note, if you are ever going Seoul and plan on getting a data simcard for your phone, please please do it at the airport. Majority of us spent 1 1/2 days trying to find a convenient store that sells the EG simcard. It comes in 20,000, 30,000 and 40,000 won. EG has three data plans (you can see it from the website here). Remember to download the EG Simcard app to buy the dataplan if you need data, else it’ll deduct straight from the card and the value in your card will go down fast. We know, a few of us made that mistake…

At our stopover in Vietnam. Spot the photobombers.


At Singapore Changi Airport. Trips always end too fast :(

A special thanks to Glen for helping me with the names of the Korean food and translating some words, I’m hopeless at the language. Hop over for more of my Seoul trip photos here! :)



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