Breaking out of perfection

I have a confession. I have a very bad habit – I procrastinate too much. Many times because I feel I’m not ready, things are not ‘good to go’, or I do not have enough information to start. I like things to be near perfection before sharing anything. I feel like a hypocrite sometimes when I give people advice taking that step.

It’s always a struggle.

I’ve always wanted to take the blog to the next level… I’m a little embarrassed at how many times I said this. But it’s always this excuse (not having the right name, not having enough time, being unsure if I’m doing the right things), and maybe a bit of laziness that hinders the progress. Ooops.

I have to keep reminding myself to take a step at a time, and stop being afraid of things being imperfect. Like the cakes below. Hah.

Traditional cakesMy attempt to recreate the old fashioned cakes since the class. Uuuhh. Has it been one year?! The above cakes are actually using the second swiss roll recipe here. After making everything I realized I only had cherry red icing left. I also merrily misjudged the buttercream piping so the space for the red icing is a bit… wide.

Will probably need a few more tries to get this right. Now if only I’m as willing to keeping working on my blog plans like I do with my baking ;)



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