Lowercase Cafe

Lowercase cafe opened sometime in May, located at LASALLE College of the Arts. I spent quite a bit of time there with Mandy due to our Miaow & Squeak project – the cafe is blessed with natural light due to the large window panels of the building, so we took the opportunity to photography some of the accessories there ;)

Yes, they are open :)Yes, they’re open!


They have Lego placed around the cafe, if you missed playing the colourful bricks, put your creativity juices to use and make something!

Latte <3

The latte <3

Carrot cake!

Lowercase’s carrot cake was moist and and not too sweet. We really enjoyed it!

We visited the place back in June so the place was quite peaceful then. The new school term at LASALLE would have started in August. Last I known the menu was undergoing some revamp as well, so I would definitely want to revisit the place (and visit some ex-colleagues!) to see the changes!

Lowercase Cafe
1 McNally Street
Block D #01-01
Singapore 187940


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