Public Garden @ Chijmes

This is the second time Miaow & Squeak participated in an Arts Market. We plan to have more to come! :)

Look at the crowd!Look at the crowd! And this was before the crowd grew bigger later in the night. Public Garden coincided with the Singapore Night Festival this time, so many people stopped by after viewing all the night exhibitions.

Superhero rings anyone?The new superhero rings!

The lego rings :)And of course our lovely Lego stuff ;)

:DI had fun playing around with these during the lull times :P

Miaow & Squeak!Our new business cards…

Some ladies trying on the accessoriesA few ladies trying on the accessories

Just one of the few kids amused by seeing their favourite toyOne of the many kids happy and amused to see their favourite Lego toy at the booth

Having mocha, a cookie, and much funMocha, cookie, and much fun for the night!

I think we both have quite a lot of fun last night! We were also next to Samantha from Bewitched, who makes lovely dessert accessories. Do check out her website!

Mandy’s inspired me to try out some accessory ideas I have in mind. Hopefully I can get some of them ready by end of September. Do stay tune ;)


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