Job rants

My last post was to announce the opening of Dessert Tales, my baking blog. It was also my last free day before I started my new temp job. I’m ending work here end of Nov; frankly I still feel like I’m on a break the 2 months I’m here. I’m not sure to call it lucky or unlucky, but ever since I came in, everything they hired me for got postponed so I’m sitting here half the time with nothing to do. I decided to end my stint here one month early, so that I can celebrate December and Christmas away (hah!).

I think my best decision this year was to quit my job and just be free for 6 months. Put a stop to all the negativity that came from work. It’s true putting distancing yourself from the unhappiness help put things into better perspective. I still miss my co-workers after I started working as a temp, and suddenly all the pain from my previous job doesn’t seem so bad. But I regret nothing taking that step to be out of the ‘chaos’ and getting some clarity in job expectations.

My friend casually commented just the other day, “after being in a few jobs, you learn that there will always be little things that annoy you in each job you’re in.”

It was something I thought about these few months – that in no matter which job we go into,  there will be things that drive you crazy, and things that make you happy. If we can stop putting so much emphasis on ‘chose a job that you love and you’ll never have to work another day’, I guess everyone will be much happier. Cause even if you’re in a job you love, there will be someone or something that will make you want to pull your hair out.

With all the rest and time to think, I’m now ready to take up my next job.

But before that, December! More baking, crafting, gatherings and Christmas celebrations! :D


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