Hi, I’m back!

Took me a while to get things into perspective and get back into writing.

When I’m happy, sad, frustrated, confused – I write. But the words just couldn’t flow ever since I left my job last year. Everything I tried writing felt forced. So I told myself – just let go and go live. 

I used to want to snap photos and share experiences. But now, I feel content just living through the moment. (Ugh I know that sounds cliche! LOL.)

I’m not sure what changed, but I don’t feel the need to put my whole life out any where on the net – I used to post tonnes of photos on facebook. Sure it’s nice to share the joy with friends, but after a while it becomes a chore, and subconsciously it’s like a call for attention to see how many people like your photos. It suddenly became enough to share experiences with those with me at that moment. I still take photos, and yes, I should probably still share them somewhere – just for those who were with me at that time. And also so that it will be a memory I can look and remember about, and not be lost in the abyss of my horrible memory :P

I used to want to have perfect pictures before I post them, want to have something meaningful to say before posting it. That in turn made blogging feel like “work”.  I used to blog, to bake and work on my hobbies as an escape from work – but that didn’t quite work out as a closet perfectionist, and ended up stressing myself and getting involved in too many activities. It was a vicious cycle of stress at work and then in my hobbies.

In the past year, I’ve learnt how to cut away activities, and kept those I feel are important to me so that I can balance my energies for both work and leisure.

Life’s been good :)

(And yes I’m still sharing my favourite recipes over at Dessert Tales. I don’t update as often as I used to, but there’s no rush since baking and documenting my favourite recipes is going to be a long-term project of mine!)
Been craving butter cake! :) finally got down to making it... Found these lovely plates on sale too. So happy

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