Christmas Bakes for Sale!

Christmas is just around the corner! :)

I have some cookies, cupcakes and a tart for orders this season. Also I’ll be sharing some Christmas bakes that I’ve found in the next few weeks! If you like to order some bakes to share with family and friends, please hop over to Dessert Tales for more details.


Grand Mariner raspberry cupcakes & Chocolate Kahlua Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate Tart

Gingerbread men

Dessert Tales

And just like that September has come to an end. And so is my 2 1/2 months break from work – I’m starting a temporary job from tomorrow. A little excited, a little anxious.

It’s been a good two months. I’m wisdom-toothless (with no pain!), had a good time with at various Arts Markets with Mandy and more craft ideas to play with, and managed to start Dessert Tales from scratch.

Mini coffee cream dacquoise

It’s not the first time I tried moving my bakes out into a new blog. The first time it didn’t quite work because I felt that my life was so much intertwined with my bakes (and food), but now I’ve a better idea of how to spilt the two. I’m still crossing my fingers, frankly, but I’ll willing to take another shot because I want a space just for my baking adventures. It’s also easier for people and myself to navigate if they want to find recipes and not get caught up with other random personal rants :P

If you like to see more of my bakes, come join me over at Dessert Tales. See you there!

A small shoutout of thanks to my good friend Dorothy too, who suggested the name way back when I started my first experimental baking blog. The name stuck around until now, and I knew it was something special ;)