Da Bucket List

Life’s too short not to do the things you want to do ;)

1. Go to New York Visited in August 2012 :D
2. Go to Japan
3. Go to France
4. Go to Greece
4. Run a Marathon Ran GE 5km in 2009
5. Cosplay – it looks simple, don a costume, put on some makeup and viola! But attempting this made me realize how much effort it is to do a costume and character right. Challenging to me; my skin is fair from fair, am a bit to the chubby side and seriously not a makeup person. LOL. But really glad for the people i’ve met ;)
6. Take up archery – the trial lessons were fun! But wasn’t something I could see myself investing time in… :)
7. Take up dancing – made me realize i have coordination problems hahaha!
8. Pick up the guitar – went for classes in Dec 2009. Picking up any musical instrument is a challenge. From young I never thought of myself as musically inclined. I feel so happy when I can strum a tune now *grin*
9. Perform live (singing or guitar) I don’t know if this counts, but I did go for a Charity Rockband game competition LOL. I’m changing this (see 25), because I don’t want to sing and play guitar just to perform LIVE, I just want to be able to play and sing well at the same time!
10. Pick up the bass – it’s calling me, really. Just a matter of time!
11. Watch Linkin Park LIVE :D!!! Watched them live after the F1 race in Singapore. I would go watch them live again!
12. See snow
13. See cherry blossoms (sakura!)
14. Go overseas for charity work :) Update as of 2013 – do voluntarily work, local or overseas
15. Start contributing 5% of my income to charity  :)
16. Buy a massage chair for dad and mum
17. Write a cookbook
18. Write a short novel
19. Learn how to bake bread Went for a foundation class in April 2013 :) thus starts the bread journey…
20. Design a line of clothes
21. Design my own funky jewellery
22. Open a blogshop
23. Learn how to make good coffee
24. Go overseas for a cooking / baking class or program
25.  Be able to sing and play the guitar well, at the same time :) – As of 31 Dec 2012, I can play and sing some songs pretty well, but there’s always room for improvement!
26. Travel solo! Done in August 2012 – visited Toronto and New York. What an experience – I would do it again!
27. Attend a Streampunk festival
28. ??

Updated as of 6 April 2013


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